Extra Language Learning Material for Teachers

Langversity courses offer you an extra way to boost your students' initial understanding of a language and build some basic vocabulary. This can help you save some time (and patience) in your classes as many "what does this mean?" questions will disapear and some core grammatical concepts better remembered through extra practice.

Mastering a language can be the work of a lifetime depending on the level someone wants to achieve. Therefore we think that helping out with some basic language vocabulary and linguistics will simply create more need for the skillfull assistance that teachers can provide.

Encouraging students to use our online courses will most likely contribute to the nice feeling of progress they get by your side.

We encourage you to let us know how we can better complement your teaching classes and lessons. Feedbacks from teachers and students are always very welcomed.

Our language courses are at different levels of development at this time and we are still considering these in beta phase. We suggest that you take a look at our online Spanish course to get an idea where other courses could be heading. Of course different grammatical modules will be created or adapted for language specificity.

We wish you much success on your teaching journey!