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Visually immersive

We are always favoring visual language associations over translations. This enables you to better wire your brain into the language you want to learn.

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Structured Learning

Because learning a new language is much more than flipping images and translations on a smartphone.

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A Tool for Teachers

We aim to help people accelerate their initial language learning curve. But we also believe that real progress is achieved best when accompanied by skillful teachers and tutors.

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Beginner language modules available at this time:

Greetings Grammar Vocabulary     Verbs     Goodbyes
Spanish 40%
French 60% 40%
English 60% 40%
Italian 40%
Portuguese 40%
German 40%
Arabic 40%
Chinese 40%
Japanese 40%
In progress

Available Beginner Language Courses

Spanish* French* English*
Italian* Portuguese* Chinese*
Arabic* German* Japanese*

* These courses are in different beta development phases

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